Maybe dumb question?

Michelle • Married and first time mommy!
I have a doctor's appointment on the 26th and I am deff going to mention it to her but... 
Lately I have been noticing every time I drink something with milk in it my baby starts going crazy kicking everywhere and I will be sick all day with nausea. Some days I won't vomit but others I'll puke as soon as I am done eating. Every morning I usually have a bowl of HEALTHY cereal with milk and I take my prenatals with breakfast so I never forget to take them. My MIL told me to test the waters and give cereal a break and see if I get sick. So I have and I haven't been getting sick. I told my friend and she said my baby could have an allergy. I didn't disagree because Idk if it's possible or not. My MIL said that's not possible in the womb. So... I need answers. Is it? Because I really hope I'm not harming my little girl. My mom and step dad are nurses and I usually run to them with every question but they haven't been responding.