Two problems

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I will admit, I am one of those women who feel that their life will be complete when they get married. That's all I've ever wanted. Yeah I've got my own things going on like my career and school but I need serious help.

When my boyfriend and I were together for just a few months, he talked about marriage. How much he wanted to marry me. How he wanted a family with me.

Then it stopped.

Then he was depressed.

He's just now getting over his depression but ever since he stopped the topic of our future always ends in an argument.

He recently called my mom his FMIL. He tells me I'm stuck with him forever in a joking way but for some reason, we can't talk about our future.

It seriously hurts me that we can't talk about our future. I'm falling apart. I love him very much but I'm a future planner and if he doesn't want a future with me, why should I stay?

I can't just stop thinking about it. It never goes away. The pain never actually stops. I just mask it.