Idk what to think.


Okay so.

A couple weeks ago my boyfriend and I were on vacation and all of a sudden I got really sick. I don't have the flu or anything, I just got really pukey. I thought it was something I ate, but he didn't get sick? And it would have been out of my system by now... then I got my period. But it wasn't like my normal periods. It wasn't clotting, there was no lining of my uterus, and it was like thin and bright red. I've been having head aches, back aches, major mood swings, all the fun stuff. So I took three tests, 2 negative and 1 had a faint positive line. My doctor did a blood test and that said negative. I've done a lot of research and some women don't ever get a positive test and some women even have their "period" throughout the whole pregnancy... how do I know for sure? Ugh...