PCOS questions

Hi I was diagnosed a while ago, when I wasn't TTC and honestly forgot all about it I know that sounds strange but now I am TTC went to the doc (I went off bc 7 months ago, no pregnancy so went to get a check up) was reminded of the diagnosis. My Insuranse is differnt now so they can't do a lot of tests with out me paying out of pocket. When I was diagnosed I weighed 310, I now weigh 230, and they found out that I have hypothyroid so that is being treated and is under control. I have regular periods my cycle length varies between 29 to 36 days but AF shows up every month. I have never used OPKs but am going to start this cycle, my doc also prescribed metformin. I don't really know what I'm looking for here maybe some advise? Success stories? Is there a chance I am ovulating ony own? Is the metformin as horrible as I've heard?