Overly religious parents

Please don't judge or be nasty. My parents are overly religious to the point where they are a little radical and very judgemental. Well my whole life they brainwashed me and made me guilty a lot. It got to the point where they actually drove me away. I do believe in God in my own ways and do my own things. Well now they problem is I married my husband who is not my religion actually complete opposite of mine. My family hated it at first still they secretly do I know it. But I'm having babies now and they want them to do all the religious things they made me do and they seem to have this whole agenda. I really don't want that at all. I tried to tell them nicely and they got furious. I feel bad because my husband always seems to get shoved out like our wedding they shoved his whole culture and religion out and he told me later he was upset. I really don't want this to happen again and I want our kids to have both faiths combined. i don't want a family war.  How should I do this? Sorry so long ladies.