Gay couples and prom

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I'm sorry in advance if any of this doesn't make sense I just found out so emotions are kind of raw. 
I planned on taking another female to prom. Both of us are pansexual, and due to past issues with guys I figured it would just be much easier for me to enjoy myself if I took a girl. 
Today the woman in charge of prom calls me to her room and tells me because the person I want to take happens to also be a girl I can't take her. I've been sick all week so I figured i would just have my mom come in and talk to them and the principal would be all "oh yeah it's kind of crazy. You guys are right we'll let her do it" 
My mom was told basically no way and given some crap filled speech about how it's not homophobia, but to "prevent drama". I feel completely oppressed and violated. The school is supposed to nurture us into adults not oppress us and make us feel like dirty outsiders. 
The school has a history of homophobia so I guess I just aimed too high in hoping for change. 
Now I have less than 24 hours to find a new prom date, or I get to go alone. Yay. Yay oppression. 
Hope you guys have had a better day than me. 😣❤️
(Also I figured controversy corner because gay rights.. If I'm posting in the wrong place i apologize.)