💌 ➰help pwease➰ 😣

Okay so ladies here is something yall Can help me with,😊 I started ovulating since the 14 through 17th. My strongest ovulation was on the 15th. ↩️  I had intercorse since day 14th to the 18th. 😋 I been getting mild cramps in my lower left , boobs are sensetive & my nipples hurt and are Sticking out 🙀 i feel like throwing up, 😷 & very tierd , all of the sudden! 😴 My period-cycles vary from days 27➖30 month to Month but on glow AF was suppose to be here Yesterday, nothing i waited today Nothing at all. Do you think i might Be PREGNANT? Do you think i should take a test..❓ Please tell me know if any of you ever felt like this and had a positive result in pregnancy. In Advance Thank you ladies 
 🙈 Xoxo Bella. 💕