To Pee... (VENT....kind of)

Dedra • Everyday is a blessing!! TTC #2
Every LATE night/Early morning at the exact same time of 10:45pm 12:20 am 2:30am 4:15am 5:47am (you get my point)? I cant ignore it to at least get some type of sleep because its like I pee what feels like a half gallon! I know I'm not supposed to cut back on water intake so I guess I will have to deal with it! I know glow says baby is only the size of a plum but I swear the lil one is using bladder as waterbed but thats just me exaggerating!! I hope this made sense its 3:06 am and I'm pooped. Goodnight/Morning all even though I'ma be up in an hour doing the same thing!