Woke up about 30 minutes ago (3:30 am) just itching like crazy with this rash. It covers my entire face but itches mostly behind my ears, in front of the ears, near my eyebrows, and on my chest and neck. The spot on my forehead is swollen slightly and originally itched before I even went to bed but I chalked it up to a bug bite in a weird place. Now those same tiny dots you can see in my forehead are everywhere on my fave neck and chest. But they're practically invisible to the naked eye. I only found them because I was looking for them. No idea why I'd be breaking out out of nowhere. I've been asleep for 5 hours. No different foods all day. No new medicines. Nothing. 😢😢😢 Has anyone ever seen this before? If it matters at all (90% sure it doesn't) but I could be pregnant.