Pap smear troubles and scared! Lengthy

I went for my lady doctor appt Wednesday. I just got my BFP and thought "hey perfect". The test at the doctors didn't come back positive though. They did the pap and std scrape. Then drew blood to check my hcg levels and find out if I am pregnant. I was upset their test wasn't positive and the nurse was bitchy. But other than that fine. I woke up thjrsday morning, stood up and a gush of blood came out. I bleed enough for a pad. It slowed but hasn't stopped. Today the blood is enough to cover my toilet paper when I wipe and a little is on the pad. I called te doctor to get my results yesterday and they didn't get the quantative like they wanted they got the qualative (just yes or no preg). So they are running the test again with Wednesday's blood. So I told them what was going on and they said some blood is normal. I had cramps yesterday morning (bad ones) and clots are coming out too. Spoke to another nurse today and she told me to come down and draw some more blood so they can see if my levels are going up or down. I'm so scared.