No bump!

Wendy • first baby girl on Aug 14,2015. Born at 29 weeks. I developed pre-eclampsia.
So, I have realized since I've become pregnant, that I will not have a normal pregnancy bump and it recently became super apparent to me that no one will know I'm pregnant unless I tell them. I work at a school and there is a teacher who is plus size like me (similar build, but she does carry more weight in her belly pre-pregnancy), anyway...she is 32 weeks pregnant and one of the other teachers I was talking to yesterday said, "I didn't realize she was pregnant. How far along is she?" Once I told her, I think she felt bad for asking, but it made me realize that will be me! I have come to terms with it because this is my first child and I couldn't be more excited! Just glad to have a group like this with other women like me who can share our experiences!