Gestational diabetes, tyhroid issues, anemia, heart palpitations and now shingles!

Betul • In ❤️ with her 👼👼 and hubby
I am so depressed. I am almost 32 weeks with my second son and i already have so many health problems. I was diagnosed with gd (dr gave me a week and said she will put me on meds if my numbers continue to be this high... ) they also found out i have thyroid problem but now its too late for me to take meds since i am already in the third trimester.. I am on medication for tachycardia and now shingles. Yess shingles! I am dying the burning feeling is soo bad! I have it on my entire lower lip and chin :( i am also on bed rest due to placenta previa. I feel so depressed. I thank God for everything but i am just so tired of being at home all day. I feel so lonely.. The shingles is just killing me! :(