CD 45, no BFP, no AF. Thoughts much appreciated!

Amy • Married to the love of my life and TTC#1!
Today I am on CD 45 and 10 days past expected AF. My cycles normally run as expected with 34-35 days. Glow has now moved my fertile week a week later than I thought, as I generally ovulate around CD 22-23. Of course, this month I was frustrated after the non success of last month and did not officially track my ovulation so I can't be sure as to when I ovulated. I have taken several HPT thinking that that has to be the answer. I mean, isn't that what a missed period when TTC is supposed to mean?! But they have all been negative. I do have a dr appointment next Wednesday where I will hopefully find some answers, I was just curious as to whether anyone else had a similar story to share their outcome or any thoughts as far as this actually being just a really longer cycle with the possibility that I did ovulate a week later than I had thought?