Sexually frustrated.

Megan • 28 yearѕ old. мoммy тo jordan 8 yrѕ old💚 and мaттeo 6 yrѕ old💙wιғe тo мaттнew 4.26.13💍oυr aleхιѕ мae dυe 6.16.15 🎀
Does anyone else's boyfriend/SO/fiancé/partner/husband talk a really good game about sex and not walk the walk after? Mine drives me nuts and talks all types of shit like he wants me and talks dirty will even attempt to touch every lady part on my body and then not do a damn thing about it!! I get so ducking aggravated with him about it. Like wtf is the point of starting something you don't finish!! Don't talk about it if your not going to be about it. Says he wants sex and is going to and then rolls over and passes out and leaves me up all night horny and at the point where I wanna kick him in the throat as he snores next to me!! Ahhh sorry just venting I hope I'm not alone, well actually I do hope im alone, because no one else should be subjected to this aggravation!!