Fighting with my boyfriend :(

My boyfriend and I are not in a great place. Could use prayers. TIA 
He took a job in Ohio, we live in North Dakota. His job is very demanding and he "doesn't have time" to spend time together. The problem is we had only been together 1 month when we got pregnant. Our birth control failed. So we really need this time to be together and set a foundation for our relationship. He leaves in 3 weeks. I don't even know anymore if I'm going with him after a few months. My heart is breaking, and the hormones don't help. He did finally say he wants to see me but doesn't know when he can. I told him I would come to him, we just need to be together. He agreed. 
We live over an hour from each other. 
Before I got pregnant he was constantly telling me he loves me, being sweet, and saying he wanted to have babies. 
The day I told him we were pregnant I had also told him something along the lines of "we can't expect to move as fast as we want to when we barely see eachother" 
My point was that we need to spend more time together. He heard, we need to slow down and he said it made him re think everything. He said that what I said is the reason he is acting so different now. Idk 
Sorry for the drama I just don't have anyone to talk about this to right now, seeing as I haven't told my family I'm pregnant yet. Anyway we could really use prayers right now.