19 weeks with my little (not really(:) man Toby!

Katie • Mommy to be to a little boy 💙💙

If anyone in the August due date forum wants to share their bellies go right ahead! Doesn't matter if it's high, low, big, small, it's your bump so embrace it! I'm going to post a picture each Sunday so I can keep track of my bump and if you all want to comment every Sunday so we can watch each other's bump grow and support one another great!!

Tobias (Toby) loves to kick, especially at bed time! We love cantaloupe, strawberries, bananas, carrots, and milk! Boy can we drink some milk! Mommy is doing good! My heart is starting to show signs of strain from carrying my lil fatty but my cardiologist and prenatologist are watching close and are hopeful that I'll make it to 37 weeks! Thank the heavens little man's heart is PERFECT and he didn't get mommy's bad heart genes haha!! God Bless everyone and I can't wait to see your bumps!