I need some advice!πŸ˜•

Mara β€’ 19. Canadian. Not trying to conceive at this time.

There's this guy (who I've never dated) who wanted to be FWB a little while back. Things didn't work out, we didn't have sex, lost contact and then we both started relationships.

Now he's reappeared initially saying that he has a girl (which I know he does because I saw a picture on instagram of them celebrating 11 months a few days ago!) But now he's insisting it isn't working between them and he wants to have sex with me. I said no problem with being friends but there isn't going to be any sex, because I'd be upset if I was cheated on so I wouldn't want to be the other woman and hurt this innocent girl and such.

So he's still pressuring me to try and have sex with him. What I ended up doing was sending his girlfriend (who I don't know and doesn't know me) screen shots on instagram through direct message of what he was saying. I feel terrible for having to show her this conversation but I would want someone to let me know that my man was flirting and trying to set up a one night stand. Am I handling this right??? Any advice or thoughts would be appreciated