Jealous Husband

Laura • Mommy to one angel, Lexie Grace. 10/21/16. 👼 Rainbow 🌈 baby Noah born 08.06.18

My husband and I have been married nearly three years (together nearly 4.5) He is INCREDIBLY jealous...I'm in law enforcement and about 95% are men. He gets upset if I talk to them at work, text them about work, are friendly towards them in any way, etc. One difficulty we are currently facing is that I want to go to a female coworker's birthday celebration. Some people from my shift will be there and it's going to be at a bar/restaurant. He's not invited because he and this girl don't get along. He doesn't want me to me the silent treatment, trying to dig up dirt on her, etc. I really want to go and have fun with my shift. I typically don't go anywhere without him. He also "jokingly" accuses me of sleeping with the guys on my shift and will mess up my hair and what not before I leave.

Any tips on dealing with a jealous husband??