Kinda scared but my boyfriend says I shouldn't be

Me and my boyfriend had sex with a condom on the 9 and he came and then a little while later we had sex again and he came again but inside me without a condom (not much came out I'm sure but he still came before and didn't pee so there was still sperm there right?) Ive been on microgestin Fe 1/20 I think it's called and I take three weeks of pill and then I have a week with no pills and I get my period that week. Yesterday, Saturday the 21st I noticed some brownish/pinkish discharge when I wiped and it's still going on today and I'm not supposed to get my period for like 3-4 more days.. Anyone know what this could be and could help me? I'm scared I'm pregnant but my boyfriend keeps saying that I'm on the pill so I'm fine and it could be an early period but I don't think so.. Help!