Scared to put Nursery Together

Okay, so since I found out I was pregnant- I've been so excited but scared too. I was scared I wouldn't make it to 12 weeks and I did so happy. I was scared I wouldnt make it to 24 weeks (viability), now I'm 28 weeks and can feel my little guy all the time! But... I'm nervous that I won't make it to 37 weeks( c-section scheduled). I didn't want to put the crib or changing table together until I was at least 24 weeks so we waited until this weekend. Now I have new bedding that I want to open, wash and put on and the mattress is still in its packing - receipts for everything are tucked away but I know where they are. Anyone else get so nervous? I'm just so excited and so happy it's almost too good to be true. It's almost like I can't put his room together until I see him and hold him. I know how crazy this is, but it's how I feel.