Oh my gosh, you guys!

Sarah • Married 4/11/10. My love had a vasectomy during previous marriage. TTC our only through ICI/sperm donor.
I just had to post because I am FREAKING OUT.
So, my husband and I just began researching vasectomy reversal again, after our donor had decided not to go through with donation.
I ordered a spermcheck test on a whim this week,  because I had a faint line on a pregnancy test a few months back, paired with a period that was 43 days late. At the time I assumed it was somehow just an evap, as it was one of those evil blue tests. 
We just performed the spermcheck test, which is supposed to have no second line if there are either no sperm, or sperm too low to be a pregnancy risk.
You guys... There were two lines. The test line was pretty faint, but it was there. Within the window. I showed my husband, and he agreed. I can't believe it. We have sperm!!! =D