Lets share. This is my situation now what's yours?

Hi! Well, the thing is I stopped taking the pill for personal reasons three weeks ago, I had sex with my SO, and the first time after being of the pill was 10 days ago, and today I have this really awkward cramps, they started a while ago.

Do you think I could be ovulating? I know some of you will say "talk to your doctor", but I already did, on friday, and she told me I could be really fertile after getting off the pill, but to find out anything "I have to wait that my Af comes" (or not) and that could take a while the first month. But it should be here in about 10 days. (Or not) :)

I just want to hear some comments, how was your first month off the pill? Did you get pregnant right away? Do you think I could be pregnant? :)

(By the way I know i could, just want to talk to someone to make the waiting lighter :) So lets make this a space to share our expirience!)

This is me now,

What are you going thru?

Hope to hear you!