No sleep left crying!

After last night of bringing up the subject of having a baby to my partner and him getting angry about it now going to sleep while I was left sad and upset, after 4 hours sleep waking up and my partner waking up, to be annoying and frustrating! I am feeling so emotional today it's not funny, I found that I will focus on exercising every day! To be fit and have a good body and forget about having a baby!

But now it's just for force myself to be motivated to exercise n getting myself to not think how I want a child!

I have to push through today, I want to be happy today and no fighting, no crying etc..

Can someone help me on how to be motivated today? How to be motivated to exercise? How to be happy? How to not argue with my partner? I don't know how to do the things I just said!! Plz help me :(