Need good advice

So I have this guy friend. We been friends with benefits for about 1 year now. But we haven't had sex in 4 months. We had this brief period where we said we would leave each other alone. He got a gf and I got a bf. He would text me how much he misses me and he still called me baby  and told me how much he missed me laying on his chest. I never responded to any of his texts. My bf and I didn't have sex at all because I couldn't do it so we broke up. A week later him and his gf broke up and he texted me he misses me and he wanna see me. The thing is I really really really like this guy and I know he likes me too but I want to get out of the bootycall relationship with him and I wanna be his girl but idk how to tell him. And I can't have sex with no one else but him cuz I'm always thinking about him. What do I do.