Blood tests

Tara • 35,luckiest wife married to the love of my life, blessed mama to the sweetest 3 year old and 3 month old boys 💙
Sooo, told my dr today. He told me to take a baby aspirin every day, and has ordered bloodwork. Hcg and progesterone tomorrow, and repeat hcg on Thursday. Agggh! I know I won't know much until I get the repeat numbers Thursday and hope they go up a good amount. I'm starting to stress again 😁. My numbers looked great last time but I still lost that baby. They don't know what happened. Even tested the baby and he was normal. These next 4 weeks are going to be rough! I just want to get my scan and see a good heart beat! But the numbers doing what they should will still be promising! The worrying never ends lol!! This is a busy week for most of us! I'll be thinking of you ladies over the next three days!