Husband addicted to Marijuana and alcohol.

Jan • Mommy of a 2 year old
My husband is a Marijuana and an alcohol addict. He has a job but once he gets his paycheck he leaves every 2 weeks and spends ALL his money on his habits..and living here in Alaska in a small village, Marijuana is not cheap!! So I'm guessing by how much he uses, he spends about 50 dollars a day. Then he comes back when he's broke to work again just to repeat the same cycle! He hardly supports me and my 2 year old son! And I don't EVER hear from him the whole time until he comes back to work. It's driving me crazy! He blocks me from his phone when he leaves after getting his paycheck. I don't know what to do! All my family is so against divorce. I am too, as a Christian, but I just want to get out of this marriage! I tried to talk to him and encourage him to quit smoking and he did quit for a year but started back up again and now he's a lot worse than how he was before. He even drinks now. When he hadn't smoked for few weeks he has told me he will never support or take care of our son and I anymore. He said it out of anger from wanting Marijuana. When he comes back and takes a break from smoking to work in his job he always has these anger issues towards me and it's just ruining our marriage. And to those who might say he's cheating. I guarantee you he's not cheating. I would know, especially being in this small village where everyone knows everyone and his brother let's me know everything by himself. He just blocks me so he could spend all his time smoking Marijuana until he's broke. I don't know what to do. I hate Marijuana and alcohol(please don't judge me)...especially cuz it costs soooo much living here. Help!!!! I'm going crazy! I can't take this anymore.