Pit Bulls.. and my husband.

Lauren • Married ♡ Not ttc.

Let me just say, I love ALL dogs. I plan on having a career with animals when I get out of the military. I adore pit bulls.


I don't necessarily want one, I don't really want specific breeds, I just tend to find a dog I like, when I am not looking, and that's the dog I get. That's how I got my current dog, a border collie mix spca rescue. Wasn't looking but found her and loved her from day one.

But, my husband is dead set on a pit bull. Which wouldn't be an issue but he's in San Diego and I'll be moving down there eventually, and we have not found even ONE place that allows pit bulls.

He's starting to look in bad neighborhoods. I want a nice, safe place where I can walk my dog alone comfortably. But he's so determined he's forgetting that San Diego has some bad areas, and he looking at places I'd have to drive an hour plus to get to work, or bad neighborhoods where I wouldn't feel safe alone in.

I admire he wants to save a pit bull. But right now we can't do that and he's having a hard time compromising.

Am I being a bad person wanting him to not get one right now? We can rescue one later when we have a house of our own, but in the military where we have to move a lot and they're so restricted. I just want to live in a nice safe place. But I feel guilty asking him to not get a pit bull for my comfort. But I don't want to have to worry about safety in a bad neighborhood or moving in the future.