My experience..

At 27 weeks I went into preterm labor... My twins were ready to meet their mummy! My babies were predicted to be very little for their gestation so I was extremely happy when they managed to stop my labor. I was admitted to hospital -3 hours away from home- until my babies were to enter the world.. They monitored me closely die to their predicted size of under 1 lb.. At 31+3 I started bleeding.. The machines were showing contractions- I felt nothing... Before I knew it they told me I was 10cm dilated and it was time to push... Still I hadn't felt anything.. 17 doctors were in the room as I pushed (laughing) twin A (oakley) out.. He screamed as they placed him on my chest and that scream was the best sound of ever heard.. And then 5 mins later twin b (knox) was born.. Breach.. He was placed on my chest but quickly taken away as he wasn't breathing... Oakley was born at 2lb 13 and knox was 3lb 1... They were a lot healthier than expected and after 64 days in NICU we went home.. My babies are now 15 weeks old (7 weeks adjusted) and weigh 9lb 12 and 10lb 11 
Knox needed a little help breathing for about 4 days and that was it.. 
From then 
To now