Natural way to induce

Annelise • 24. Married. I have a 2 year old and 1 year old sons.
So my husband an I went to a birthing class over the weekend and the nurse teaching the class was going over certain natural ways to induce pregnancy. Like pressure points to be rubbed, walking obviously, just normal stuff. But my question is how soon to start doing things. Obviously my husband rubbing my feet or the dimple in my leg won't cause my to go into labor today, I'm assuming you have to do if for atleast a week for it to actually work right? I'm 35weeks now. So I was wondering if we started some of these things every night before bed if it could help with my little one coming on time rather than later. But I don't want to put myself at risk either. Please don't bash I'm a ftm and just trying to figure out what I can n cannot do to have my baby come on time n on his own.