Cycle buddy/just someone to talk to👶

Hello! ☺️ my last period was March 4-7 according to glow i ovulated on March 23. I had sex on the 22. My cycles are irregular. The past 3 cycles have been 28 days (not normal for me) so could I have ovulated earlier then what glow says I did? (Also I do NOT ever get ewcm, so it's hard telling when I ovulate, but I did have sex all throughout this month)  I'm hoping and praying that my fiancé and I concived but if not I've decided to take a "break" from TTC. Every month I stress out about getting pregnant & it never happens 😔 if this isn't my month im just gonna sit back & let God handle things! Anyone else in the same boat? AF "due" April 6 (according to glow)