Jealous of MIL

Gibbeanski •
My babygirl was born last Wednesday and unfortunately yesterday I ended up getting an infection from the delivery and was admitted into the hospital and I won't be able to leave until tomorrow (so a total of two full days). Luckily my MIL was in town and has helped take care of my DD (which, btw I am SO EXTREMELY GRATEFUL), but I can't help but feel jealous she is able to be there for my girl and I can't! She is with her all day, bops her around, feeds her (I've been having to pump in the hospital and the hubs takes the milk back), cuddles her and I'm already sooo emotional being away from DD already, but then I can't help but think "what if she is bonding more with my MIL now" 😢 Like, that's suppose to be ME doing that. That's MY role. 😞 Ahhhh the emotions!!
Get me out of this hospital!!!! 😓😢😪😥😩😫😞😔😣