:( about to break.

I'm 17 weeks with twins and so stressed out and worried. I'm trying to stay positive but everything seems to be going wrong. It's like my body hates me. First, I find out that I tested positive for clamydia that my boyfriend had for a long time and we had no clue about, we got that taken care of, then i pass out from not eating enough(I didn't know) theen, I get the stomach flu and can't stop puking so I can't keep food down, after that goes away finally I go to the doctor and find out I have a fibroid also!!! And that's not all... Last night I ended up at the ER and guess what, my kidney is swollen and blocked by a stone. I'm about to break down crying. I'm in so much pain. They can't do anything but give me tylenol.. I'm about to give up. And all this, has happened in the last three weeks.