Do you educate your child/children on nutrition?

Kitty • A snazzy vegan chickadee who loves to chit chat and workout <3 military
It's recently came to my attention that growing up, my parents never taught me nutrition other than 'veggies and fruits are good for you'. I never learned about portion size, why fruits and veggies were good for or what they did for my body.
Due to this, I grew up eating and drinking pretty much the American diet (fast food and soda pops anyone?) and naturally was quite overweight.
It was actually a shocking revelation to me when I learned nutrition value, what GMOs are, the organic/green movement, synthetic/junk foods, and food portions (glad I did because now I eat right and my knees don't hurt anymore).
Did any of you here have a childhood like mine where you were unaware of nutrition? Learned about it later in life?
Also, how many of you educate your child/children about food? If so, please share with me what you tell them! I'm very interested in this matter and the health of future generations.