MIL at the hospital

Ok the time is coming to where I need to start thinking about who and when I want to be able to come see the baby in the hospital... I am allowed 3 people in the room during delivery, which will me my husband, my mom, and my sister. I haven't told my mother in law that it will be my sister in the room and not her. It's all of my lady goods being exposed and I would feel more comfortable with my sister there. Now a little background with my MIL, she is a gambling addict who uses my husband and BIL for money and that's it, they pay her rent, car note and bills even though she works, she still gambles away every dime she makes. It has caused conflict between me and my husband and we have it worked out between the two of us when it comes to her. Now, when we told her we were expecting she was so rude and ugly, saying my husband has too many responsibilities already and a baby would just be another one even though our baby had been planned and prayed for... We knew what we were getting in to.  She never calls to check on me or never offered to help with the baby shower. But the time is drawing near for our little girl to be born and she's getting more excited and wants to act like she's been here for us the entire pregnancy. I'm very tempted to have the nurses make sure she doesn't come in the room until after the baby is born. Labor is hard and stressful enough I do not need her adding to that. I hate that I feel like this because it is our daughters grandmother  and my parents and siblings will be in the room and in the room until asked to leave. What are yalls thought?