I don't know what to do.

Ryan • I`m a nanny for two great boys. I also like to draw in my free time and plan on going to art school in August.
Let me start off with this I have let my anger build to the point that I can no longer keep it in. I am currently sitting on the floor in my bedroom curled up in the corner against my door, because it doesn't lock, with a giant plush Stitch, crying. So I apologize for any typos ahead of time.
I'm so done with my husband. It's all about what he wants or what mommy and daddy says is what we do. He doesn't think for himself and needs to grow up. Here are some examples of things that I consider big that have pissed me of but let go. Feel free to pick one this rant is kinda long. 
1. We have to move to michigan because that's where his mom and dad are. Not because that's where jobs are or a college he wants to go to. I had to limit my college search to not only michigan but the hour radius from his home town because anything farther than that is too far from mommy
2. His video games. Don't get me wrong everyone needs a hobby. I have art and he has his games. I haven't drawn anything in the last like month and still have a piece that isn't finished because when I get home from work I clean until i go to bed. When he worked he would come home and play games. When he doesn't work he plays games and sometimes moves stuff from one room it doesn't belong in to anther that it doesn't belong in and calls it cleaning. 
3. Plans on spending his seperations pay on a desktop for his games and a tablet for his school work. We have a tablet and when I said my school work will come before his games on the desktop he said that he wasn't going to put office on that computer because it takes up too much space and he will have to spend more money on the desktop. To me this seams like he is saying his games are more important than my homework.
There are more but the first two are my biggest problems and the last one is what pushed me to the point I am at now.
If you are going to tell me something that could potentially make me cry please post something funny with it so it can at least somewhat recover from the tears.
Thx for reading