Bug flew in my eye

So today before I got on the bus for swim I was sitting with my teammates talking. The wind was blowing towards our face and put of no where I see this bug fly towards my eye. I felt it hit my eye and I screamed. I was trying to get it out. Well actually I didn't even know if something was in there but it felt like there was. I kept pulling up my eyelids and asking my friends if they see anything and they all said no. So after we got on the bus I rubbed my eye and I looked into my phones camera and I saw a leg on my cheek. I started crying and they laughed at me. And said cry it out, literally. I only cried becuz I was scared and it kind of hurt. It mainly itched. Anyways later when I was in the water at practice I felt the rest come out and it got on my eye lashes. It was gross. Lol so anyways the point of this story is, can my eye get infected by a bug being in it? My friend said that the chlorine in the pull would "disinfect" it. I'm not sure if that's true. Lol that part of my day sucked but looking back it was pretty funny.