Woohoo you aren't a daddy!

Alyssa • I`m married without kids. Love this life I`m living right now and it would be great if we could keep it this way.
This is for the ladies who aren't trying to become pregnant. How do you guys let your significant other (if you are in a committed relationship) know that you aren't pregnant and your sexual capabilities for the next week are limited? I know some people won't really let them know until they try to get some but I like to be proactive and let him know by saying you are not a daddy. Woohoo! Or if he is referring to my period we both call it bad week because we aren't able to just go have vaginal sex that week. It might stem from the fact that we are high school sweethearts and I was always embarrassed to make reference to my period at all around him but we have been living together since 2013 and we can't hide that kind of stuff anymore. So I was just curious what you ladies do, if you do anything.