Sweetest revenge for a middle/high school bully

Meaghan • 23 yo and in college :)

When I was in middle/high school I was bullied all the time. From both boys and girls. There was one bully in particular tho... he made fun of my mustache, my hair, my clothes, everything. What he didnt know was that I lived with my dad, who had no idea how to help a girl in puberty... hah. This bullying led to future self esteem issues. When I got to college and boys started noticing me, I did anything they asked because I was too afraid to make them not like me. I started sleeping around because I was too afraid that if I said no, then they would hate me. I was doing that for about 2 years until I found myself. I noticed I had a voice, I noticed I could be myself and it didnt matter if people didn't like me if I didnt sleep with them. Its my body, my decision. And i grew to love myself, mind, body and all. My confidence began to grow and my shyness went away. I met my current bf who loves me and boosts my confidence even more so than it already is.

Now I'm 23, and yesterday, I saw my bully. He was working at the meat counter at a local grocery store that I was shopping at. Instead of turning and avoiding eye contact, I walked right up to him. I ordered some fish, and said "have a nice day". The expression on his face was priceless, Im not the same shy, ratty haired girl anymore. I think he also expected me to say more to him, to confront him but I didnt. Just being able to have that self confidence, that self assurance was the sweetest revenge.

The reason I wanted to post this was for all those moddle/high school girls, or any woman with low self esteem. Love yourself for who you are. Dont let other people bring you down, especially kids from school. Their opinions really dont mean anything. And never EVER try to make people love/like you. You are worth more than that. Mustaches and all :)