Ugh.. What to do??

Quinn • 02.24.18 The day I became your wife!!❤️💍👶🏽
Soo l've been ttc with my fiancé for over a year now. We've gotten really close.. I was going on two weeks of being late.. Anyways in the process AF decided to show her face.. My cousin nd I are fairly close nd she knows the heart ache I feel ttc nd getting no results.. I'm happy tht she's expecting buuhh at times I feel she's rubbing it in my face.. Sending me pics of her baby bump nd ultrasounds .. Deep down inside it stings a little buuhh how do I go about this situation?? Ik she's happy nd I honestly don't wanna take tht away from her at all.. I juss want her to respect me nd my feelings.. Someone plz give me answers..!!