Turning my bf on?

Hannah • Girlfriend of a U.S. Marine Veteran

Okay so usually my boyfriend is the one who makes the moves to get us going with the dirty lol (not that I don't do it for him but he usually just always does it before I get the chance)

The thing is, he is 30 and I am 19 and I don't wanna "bore" him per say with the whole seduction part. I have only have sex with one other person before him and I was in a relationship with him so I don't feel as experienced as him. Not to mention I have boobs on the tinier side so its not even like I can dress up in some sexy lingerie with my boobs hanging out lol

Any advice on a good way to seduce him?

P.s. I do get home from the gym before he gets home from the gym so surprises? Yay or nay?