Boyfriend problems

Savannah • I have a cockatoo
Rant! : 
Alright so my boyfriend works a lot of hours , and I understand that but always denies me when I want to have sex.. But he always , ALWAYS a teases me and then does nothing about it. He always has sex with me when it's convenient for him. I feel so insecure , because he'll tell me he's to tired to have sex .. But then he can go into the bathroom and watch porn. 
I've tried to talk to him about it , he says it's not me .. He just likes to space out having sex .. Because it makes it more special. I told him not to tease me if we're not going to have sex , STILL does it.. In fact we had sex last night but then he continued teasing me after and when I brought up round two he said he wouldn't be able to, so I told him to stop teasing me. HE kept going..
I don't even know what to do, we had sex a lot before .. And then now it's like I'm lucky to get it once or twice a month..I enjoy sex, as its a stress reliever . 
Any opinions ladies? I'm going crazy with insecurities, ect