Baby Adelynn is here!

Caylen • MC in March 14' with our first angel👼Gave birth to our rainbow baby girl 3-26-15💜
Our baby girl finally arrived this morning at 9:54am. After a long 24 hours of labor at home I finally went to the hospital and was at 6cm. Got an epidural and things went ok for a while. Eventually A's heart rate started to drop if I laid on my back or left side. They determined that she either had the cord around her neck or when I was in those positions that she was laying on it. After 9 more hours of labor, she was not dropping. I was rushed for an emergency c-section and have to say it was the scariest moment of my life. Turns out baby girls cord was wrapped around her neck twice, body once, as well as her right arm. The Dr said he had never seen a baby wrapped up in a cord so bad. Baby girl is healthy though and I'm so in love!