Amber • "Its easy to give in to feelings of self-doubt and back down from challenges. But that’s certainly not what being a strong woman is all about"🎀
This weeks has been so AWFUL.. My SO and I haven't gotten along to great we've been stressed out due to a lot of recent changes.. We moved to my mothers for a week til we move to NC from AL needless to say it's not working out like he hoped. It's annoying weird and uncomfortable because we are used to things one way and they do things completely different than us we do respect them and there home. I'm just ready to move and get back into a house of our own.. We've been through to many things to even try to list but this week has been so damn hard.. He's been different and pretty distant it made me quite emotional I was beginning to feel clingy because I just wanted to talk to him and him smile and be his normal self.. We've ended up in some pretty nasty conversations about questioning our relationship and him still not trusting me yet! It made me cry and feel alone and sad because of course it's not something you like to hear it hurts. But between last night and today I have just had IT! I am angry, pissed off, frustrated just so beyond mad.. And he's like love the attitude and what's wrong blah blah I'm just like seriously after how you acted towards me now it matters what's wrong because I'm pissed and not kissing your ass and crying over it. Fuck it I'm not gonna try to talk to you now because you're not mad anymore. Everything flipped and now he's in my shoes and honestly I hope it sucks for him like it did for me.. Is that wrong of me ? I knew the whole time we fought he didn't mean anything he said he does that when he's stressed but seriously it's gotten old now