Would you be upset?

My friend and I have both been TTC for several months. She has been trying a few more months than me. But still the month to month what ifs are tough. The other day we were talking. She has been having a hard time with OPKS and she asked me if I would try some of hers to see if they are working for me or if they are duds. I said sure if I'm not pregnant I will start my period in a few days and I'll try them next cycle. She said "I hope not. I'll be pissed"... so I said "I wont. I'm tired of trying" and I left it at that. But it hurt my feeling mostly because I think she is serious about getting mad. I would 1 never say that to someone because I know how hard it is to get pregnant and 2 I would be so happy for her if she got pregnant even if it was before me. There's not really anything to do about it. But would it upset you? I hope I'm not being sensitive about it. I just felt like someone just said I hope you don't get pregnant... which is obviously something I really want.

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