i need advice

why are my parents acting different
every since I got my liscense a few months ago my parents have been acting different. they've started treating me differently as if they completely don't trust me and as if I've been a problem child, (and fyi im a good teenager, I get good grades, I dont go behind their backs, and I always ask permission and don't go doing things I shouldn't.) and in January I turned 17 and I introduced them to my now boyfriend, and it seemed to go down hill. they started questioning me a lot, they always think when I go out and dont bring up my boyfriend, I'm  sneaking around with him. I can't even go over my friends houses anymore because they think im gonna sneak over to his house. and when I wanna go see him they don't let me go and they put a time limit on me seeing him even though they know where he lives. and they've even been trying to keep me away from him by saying I can only see him like once a week. and when I  invite my boyfriend over they always are disrespectful towards me as if they wanna show who's they boss. but it's not just that they limited me to where I can go to and the thing that kills me is they always say they trust me but their actions say otherwise.