Husband doctor trouble

I had terrible mastitis about 3 weeks ago and I went in to the obgyns office. But when I got there, they told me I had missed my appointment so I called my husband. I told him I'd just go to urgent care. He was at work and didn't want to make a scene so he told me he'd take me later. I told him I was already almost there. He didn't say no. I got there and had to wait almost 3 hours to be seen. When I did see a Dr it was a male. I knew from all the commotion when I had my son ( he wouldn't let a male in the room) that he would be upset. It was very awkward, but for his sake I ask of there was a woman Dr I could see. He told me the wait might be as much as another 3 hours. With my mom watching my 10 month old and me needing to nurse him, that wasn't an option. He told me that with the fever and symptoms, I needed to be seen and on antibiotics as soon as possible and assured me it wouldn't be awkward, went and got a female to be in the room with us and the touched the side of my breast that was so infected. He wore gloves and only touched me with two fingers for no more than 20 seconds.

My husband is still upset. He keeps bringing it up and says I betrayed his trust. I apologize and make him feel better but in a few days it's back. He looked the ugly, fat old man up online and is still upset. He touches the other of my boobs and says he likes this boob, implying he doesn't like the other one now. What should I do? He's driving me crazy at this point.