I'm so mad/sad/jealous

Okay let me start off by saying THIS IS A RANT!!! IF KANYE CAN RANT ALL DAY SO CAN I!!!! 
Ok so my best friend she's like my sister, she's a few years younger and drop dead gorgeous. She has a bad track record of dating losers and falls in love after a blinks at her so annoying. But she has been there fore me this past year as my SO and I have been ttc. Great friend just so stupid for love. 
So she's dating this guy for like a month...30 days people and boom she gets pregnant!!!! So easy didn't even try she just wakes up preggers by a loser. And is she gonna keep it Nope. She's getting an abortion while every fucking month I have to deal with BFN
M fiance and I are hoping and praying for a child so we can start our family but when she told me this I was trying to be supportive and loving but on the inside I just want to scream. I just want a baby with my husband to be so bad....