Rant In-Laws

So I decided to clean out our barn to make room for a garden shed. Understand my husband tells me most of the stuff in there has been there for almost 30 years. I pulled everything out and had it on the lawn to go through and toss what needed to be tossed, keep what we could use and recycle the rest. So my in laws (father and his sister) come over and suddenly this junk that no one cared about becomes pricless treasures. They went through it and claimed (and took) a ton of it, which i do appreciate. But they (sister in law) left a lot too! The biggest thing is all her lawn chairs, she has six and I had planned on repairing them and going ahead and using them. But she decided she wants them, which would be fine but she hasnt came and got them. So I got these chairs sitting on my front lawn. I dont want to spend the money repairing them to use if she is going to take them, but i will be damned if I store them again. I really want to give them to charity (the non broken ones) but that seems like a good way to cause hurt feelings 😬. The other huge thing is an old electric organ. Understand there are mouse droppings in it and at one time a possum took up residence, it has rotted i. The barn for 30 years. But now that i want to toss it , it is dear old departed aunt roses piano. Well I say Aunt Rose is pissed! And it wont matter at all to her at this point. But I guess really what do about the chairs? (I think I will just have my husband load up the piano one night and dump it)