i have been with my SO for 3 years.. i have a 4 yr in june by someone else and he has a 4.5 w someone else.. so i instantly became a mom of 2 babies when we started dating. the step babies mom, is just horrible. she tells us she has to work and will drop the baby off at 5 6 in the morning, to find out she went to party. she takes the step daughter and has a 90 yr old babysitter and she come to our house with lice more then 4 or 5 times.. she is constantly trying to have me and my SO fight. i have raised the little girl since she was 1 so i stay in her life because i feel as if i am her mother, ive been there never once ditched her to party or go with random dudes. but i feel as if my SO doesnt stick up for me, and its bring alot of problems into our house hold.. idk what else to do but i am so fustrated! any advice for this?!