What should I do? Long... Sorry.

Okay, I'm having twins and I'm 17 weeks. A couple days ago I started hurting really bad like I had a kidney stone. I've had one before and it felt exactly like it. My doctors was closed so I went to the ER. They couldn't really do anything but an ultrasound because I'm pregnant. But the ER doctor told me, it looks like my kidney is swollen and blocked by what they think is a stone. They gave me some norco for pain (which I refused and took tylenol instead) and then gave me macrobid which is what they usually give for an infection. I guess it was to stop the swelling so the stone could pass. He called a urologist and they told me to call my doctor in the morning and go in. Well! When I called my doctors they told me he was out for the week and I had to go to the nurse practitioner. Now I've been going to my doctor for five years I love going to him but every time he is out and I have to see her(nurse) instead we end up yelling at each other because she's about the most stupid judgmental person I've ever met. Example(she tried to lecture me about being to young when I found out I was pregnant at 20! And when I went in not to long ago for a uti she billed me personally instead of my insurance and didn't even test me for a uti instead she tested for chlamydia and now I have a $185 bill!) anyway, when I went in after the ER visit she didn't look at my kidney, she didn't do anything. She had me pee in a cup and asked what was going on. When I told her what was going on she didn't believe me and set me for an appointment next week to see my actual doctor. By then  something serious can happen! She's so dumb! I got a call from a message line they had today telling me that my urine came back negative. That's all it said though. I don't know what she even tested me for honestly she didn't tell me. I'm afraid to keep taking these antibiotics if I don't need to and I can't get ahold of them until Monday. I don't know what's even wrong. I'm confused if I should keep taking the macrobid or not. This is rediculous and it has me furious that they have me doing a run around because they won't take the time to tell me what's exactly wrong with my body!! I'm not going to put my babies at risk if there is no need to.